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Spills happen, but Grove Collaborative has you covered with Stain Busters. Each week, we’ll tell you how to tackle a different tough stain around the home or on your clothes. Red wine, grass stains, ink … no stubborn stain is a match for our grime-busting guides.

What type of stain is chocolate?

So, let’s talk chocolate. Chocolate comes from the cocoa plant and can be treated like other plant-based stains, even though it does have an oil component in it. However, cleaning the chocolate stain is a two-fold problem. The two main components of chocolate—cocoa powder and cocoa butter—present different cleaning challenges.

Step-by-step instructions to clean chocolate stains

The first thing you need to do is to scrape away any residual chocolate left behind on the clothes. This will make it easy to get to the stain directly. If it’s liquid, pop the clothing in the freezer for a few minutes to let it harden.

Chocolate stain removal tips & tricks

It sure can! Have we mentioned how much we love vinegar? Seriously though, vinegar can help with almost anything, including removing chocolate stains from clothes. Soak the clothes in a mix of water and vinegar and then scrub away.

Chocolate-removing products

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